Rewards & Loyalty Program

Zero Latency Loyalty Card

Get Rewarded for Every Mission!

Are you ready to dive into unparalleled virtual realms where your actions dictate the story? Zero Latency Jax is not just an escape from reality; it’s an upgrade to your gaming life. And now, we’re making your every visit even more rewarding!

Unlock the Power of Your Digital Loyalty Card!

  • Scan & Score: Say goodbye to forgotten or lost loyalty cards. Scan the QR code now to secure your digital key to a universe of rewards.
  • Stamp Up for Success: Each visit earns you a stamp. More stamps mean more exclusive perks. It’s like gaining experience points for real life!
  • Redeem & Rejoice: Full card? Redeem your rewards and revel in the glory of free gameplay sessions, unique in-game content, or Zero Latency merchandise.

How It Works

  1. Scan: Use your mobile device to scan the QR code on this page.
  2. Register: Fill in a quick form – because even in virtual worlds, we like knowing who our heroes are.
  3. Play: Strap on your headset, and embark on your next adventure.
  4. Collect: Get stamps every time you play, and watch your rewards grow.

What’s Waiting for You?

  • Exclusive Early Access: Be the first to explore new worlds.
  • Members-Only Events: Join the ranks of elite players in special events.
  • Special Discounts: Save on games, food, and gear.

Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your gaming escapades into a trove of treasures. Your next epic journey awaits. Will you rise to the challenge?

Zero Latency Jax – Where gaming leaps off the screen and into your reality.